Management System Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy Clinic, Functional Training, Dance, Aesthetics, Martial Arts, Clinics in general and some school models

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Roles and Features

There are several features and functions. Every month we launch a new and innovative feature.


Simple, efficient and complete registration of its customers.

License Plate Control

Too much information and everything automatic. Giving peace of mind in scheduling classes.

Super Schedule

For what simpler than a schedule much like your mobile phone?

Mobile and Tablet

System fits properly on your smartphone and tablet, perfect for controlling your studio from a distance.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Complete Accounts Payable/Receivable system. Integrated with the control of Monthly Fees. Issuing Receipts

Monthly Payment Control

You'll get an overview of your financial. And students/customers still receive two days before an SMS remembering the payment.

Experimental Classes and Reappointments

Control over experimental class schedules. Class reschedules, all in one calendar you already know.

Always Up to Date

System will have constant update every month. And we are open to suggestions, just let us know, we will do and we will not charge for it.

SMS and WhatsApp

You receive 20 credit SMSs EVERY month in the system. Sending via Whatsapp is free.

Virtual Classes/Attendances

You can give your classes virtually, using your WebCam, own system without installation of any software, fully web. Your students get a link and you make it count.

Student/Patient Portal

Your Students/Patients, have access to your personal schedule, can notify lack or presence, reschedule their schedules, view their financials and registration data.

Link to Instagram and Websites

Create a custom link so that your customers can schedule their own schedules. And for new clients to schedule classes/experimental sessions. The link can be shared via Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp

Check-In (Presence Confirmation)

It is sent to the CLASSROOM SMS/Whatsapp, a link to confirm Presence or Lack in advance and the client there can reschedule your class.

Pain Scale (EVA)

At each Evolution/Class given you can inform the degree of pain of the patient.

Photo Comparison

You can compare the photos sent in the evaluation sheets, so see the patient's improvement.

Manage Documents and Ates

Save all Exams and Patient/Student Hisds. Also generate attested directly in the system.

Evaluations and Evolution

Evolutions by attendance, history of evolutions, complete model Evaluation Form, comparison of evaluations.

Inventory Control (Sales and Purchases)

Control your sales and purchases efficiently and speedily. Manage your product inventory, register suppliers, identify your best-selling products.


Generate complete medical records, with history of your patient/client. With information about all the service and evolution.

Full Support

Dynamic support by Email or Whatsapp. We always answer all questions, accept many suggestions, and always solve your questions. A support that meets even, no queue. Monday to Friday.

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Our signature is:

  • No student limit
  • No teacher limit
  • No room limit
  • 20 SMSs for free every month
  • Support via Email and Whatsapp

We've been on the air since 2014, evolving every month. Always with a new feature. There are more than 3,800 companies using our system. 7 million student attendances. 150,000 SMS and WhatsApp messages sent per month. System companies in 5 countries.


You choose the best payment method (by registering in the Settings Menu / Your Monthly Fee)

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Software Adapted for Brazil and Portugal
  • Why the name Pilates Software?

    We started as an initiative to facilitate small pilates studios in 2014, but gradually many other segments liked the way we deal with their registrations and agenda. Today our system serves several segments in addition to health and well-being, for example: language schools, riding schools, dentistry clinics, aesthetics and many others. Soon we will consolidate and adapt the system to all segments.

  • We created this system with the idea of being SIMPLE and totally easy to use. No millions of complicated fields, screens, and functions that a company won't use. We are sincere and loyal to what we do.

  • Completely safe. The data is stored in the United States in amazon AWS. 100% online, you will never be without your system. So the system is perfect even on a cellular internet (3G). What about your data? All protected, NO SPAMS will be made, content sale, sharing and etc. What is yours, is yours.

  • From the point of view of the need of micro and small businesses need, for sure. But we will always be improving and adding new features. We have as a goal, add a new feature per month. We accept suggestions. Tell us what you want (by chat when logged in) and we'll exchange an idea.

  • Yes, you can cancel whenever you want. Just do not renew anymore, or if it is a semiannual or annual plan, simply request a refund (according to the rules of the contract). But feel free to test first, no timeout.


Contact us and ask your questions.
You can test without having to talk to anyone, feel free. If in doubt we call in our support via WhatsApp.


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